Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inkblot Jesus (Tyler)

Have you ever looked at an inkblot? The idea seems to be something like this... stare at a picture of nothing and then decide what it looks like. There are supposed to be no wrong answers, BUT... there is a risk. A psychiatrist may label you 100% crazy if an inkblot that resembles a butterfly looks more to you like a clown stealing your lunch money.
Staring at clouds is similar. We look up at the sky and try to build castles out of the big fluffy white clumps that God has put above us. You can be sitting next to someone that sees Daffy Duck, but no... you are fairly positive that the very same cloud your friend is looking at is a baseball player with a frog in his glove. I suppose it is all a matter of perception, but if you sit and squint and turn you head JUST right, that baseball player becomes Daffy Duck. AMAZING!
The point that we all need to realize is this ---> If, while staring at a cloud, you have to squint and turn your head JUST right to see a certain object, that cloud probably doesn't look enough like the object you are longing to see.
Being a Christian is a lot like that. We are perfectly satisfied with a minor resemblance of Jesus in our own lives. We believe that if someone can squint and see Jesus in us (at least a little), that we are doing just fine. We are NOT called to be inkblots of Jesus. Others should not have to search to see remnants of a life once lived for Christ. We should stop comparing ourselves to other Christians and thinking we are good ENOUGH and instead strive to become what Jesus called us to be... perfect (Matt 5:48). We should be MISTAKEN for Him... instead of just His inkblots.

I Am Thankful For...(by Trinity)

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are all pausing for a moment to think about the things that are important to us and really give thanks to the Provider of those things!  I had the kids at AWANA write down what they are thankful for.  I love seeing things from a child's prospective!  It makes me happy.  So here they are:

Note:  I am writing them as they are written.

  • family, food, my BFF's and EVERYTHING and CANDY!!!! --Natalie
  • Sparks and AWANA, momy, Dady, food, God--Kyler
  • Dady, Jesus--Kailey
  • Everything--Beth
  • I'm thankful for my family--unkown
  • I'm fanckful for God--Kylie
  • I am Thankful for God and my Mom and Dad--Lilyana
  • My family, God, Jesus, and everyone and animals and every thing on earth--Hannah
  • I am thankful for my life--Jehnnie
  • My mom and God--Joshua
  • Food--Corban
  • family and friends--Zachary
  • church--Graceyn
  • Daddy--Jeremy
  • my friends and family and everything God can give--Kinsey
  • frins and for my family--Conner
  • a circle (and then he drew 2 circles on the paper)--Braelon
  • Everything--?????? (We know it's Bryce)
  • God's love for me--Grant
  • I am thankful for my house and my family--Jake
  • For the Tulsa zoo and my class and my teacher--Stephanie
  • Lydia, Mom, Dad, my family and a lot of other things--Madi
  • for my mom and my BFF, Hershy and God--Skyy
  • Mom and Dad--Jaylee
  • I love my friends and the Bible--Hannah#17
  • Baby Jesus--Raylee
  • Everything in the world--McKenna
  • for my family and my little sisters and God--Mirieh
  • My dad, my mom and brother--Aiden
  • for the world--Bailee
  • mom--Joshua
  • I love eating Ocotopus--Amanda
  • mom and dad, for my baby sister, horses, dogs and playdough--Ryleigh
  • Mommy, Madi, Dad, friends--Lydia
  • food and our life--unknown
  • pizza--Branom
  • family--Abigail
  • mommy, brothers, sister, Bible--Kacey
  • I live for God--Mackenzie
  • my family--Brooklyn
  • I am thankful for everyone--Madison
  • world--Isaac
  • everything--unkown
  • everything I have--Avery
  • I am thankful for everything--Amanda
  • for my food and my family and for my church and for my friends and for Landon--Olivia
  • everything I get--Terron
  • food and mom and dad and famlee--Skyler
  • I am thankful for my mom and dad and my brothers--Ashlyn
  • brateyleingth (translates to everything...I asked her)--Audrey
  • rocketship, Jordan, Timber--Jaxon
  • Riley, my friend, mommy, daddy, Audrah--Baylee
  • Jordan, Makenzye, Jaxon, Austin--Timber
  • Timber, Makenzye, Kailey, Austin, Jaxon--Jordan
  • Aiden, Luke, Jaxon, Timber, Jordan--Makenzye
  • Riley O., Mommy, daddy, church, new school--Aiden
  • mommy, daddy, sister, grandma, grandpa--Austin
  • Christmas, God, mommy, daddy--Luke